Guinea Pig Wikia
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  1. Jacko the Guinea Pig A Reggio Project by The Snapdragons in Miss Barb’s & Miss Donna’s classroom.
  2. “How do we take care of our guinea pig?” “What do guinea pigs eat?” “How do you know if a guinea pig is a boy or a girl?” “What do guinea pigs look like?” “How big do guinea pigs get?” “Where is the guinea pig’s tail?” “When does the guinea pig poop?” “What toys do guinea pigs play with?” Questions About Guinea Pigs.
  3. What does Jacko like to eat? The children bring in food from home for Jacko to try. Miss Barb makes a graph of the foods that Jacko likes and doesn’t like!
  4. What do guinea pigs look like? Guinea pigs have lots of fur and they have no tail! The Snapdragons make pictures that look and feel just like Jacko!
  5. “You have to be careful with them.” Marley “They eat leaves.” Liam “They can bite you, but not on purpose, only if they think you have food in your hand.” Jack “They like toys.” Johnny “They make good pets.” Brittany “If they run loose they might get hurt.” Paige Some facts we learned about guinea pigs:

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