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  1. Megan and Alyssa Guinea Pigs.
  2. History of the Guinea Pig • Guinea Pigs were first domesticated in 5000BC • The Moche people of Peru worshipped them • They continued to be a food source in the region • Since ca. 1200 AD there have been many varieties of domestic guinea pigs.
  3. History of the guinea pig • In folklore traditions, guinea pigs played a role in traditional healing by being rubbed on the sick • Spanish, Dutch, and English traders made guinea pigs exotic • The earliest known account of the guinea pig is from 1547.
  4. Description • They are large rodents • Short and robust body • Large head • No tail • Colors range from black to golden to white.
  5. Housing and equipment • Bigger housing is better • They need exercise daily. • The guinea pigs need to be let out cages once in a while • Most guinea pigs need companions.

6. Breeds Common Breeds Rare or emerging breeds Alpaca Lunkarya Crested Coronet English Merino Hairless Ridgeback Sheba mini Yak 8 uncommon breeds • Short haired • Abyssinian • Himalayan • Peruvian • Silkie • Rex • Teddy • Texel • 8 common breeds.

7. Guinea Pig Anatomy.

8. Reproduction • Female guinea pigs(sows) must be bred before 7 months • Females will only allow breeding for 8 hours • Pregnancy last for about 63 days • Their body weight normally doubles • Contractions start and dialation begins • If there aren’t contractions, there must be a c section.

9. Food • Fresh hay • Mixed Grass or Timothy • ¼ cup of pellets • 3 servings of vegetables • 1-2 tbs fruit per 2lbs of food.

10. Training • When training guinea pigs, always use favorite treats. • Things you can train your guinea pig to do: • Sit up and beg • Come when it’s called • Using a litter box.

11. Supplies • Food • Water • Cage • Bedding • Toys • Balls, tunnels, ramps, house.

12. Facts About Guinea Pigs • Don’t have visible tails • Born with fur and the eyes are open • Need to gnaw on things to wear down teeth • Eat a lot of food • Came from South America • Members of the Cavy family • Happy guinea pigs jump up and down • “Popcorning” •

13. Sources • Text Book • Wikipedia • Google Images • Youtube.

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