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  1. Guinea Pigs By Ashley Yan.
  2. Table of Contents • Intro to Guinea Pigs • Breeds of a guinea pig • clean a guinea pigs cage • What guineas eat • Treats • Sick or hurt Help! • Guinea pig cage set up and , accessories.
  3. Intro to Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are wonderful family pet. They enjoy being played, held, and touch. When where from south America. They are soft cute and fuzzy.
  4. Breeds of Guinea Pigs • Breeds of Guinea pigs are : Texel, American, Teddy, Rex, Peruvian, Himalayan,Abyssinian
  5. Cleaning the cage • For cage cleaning you will need: dustpan, Small Animal Cage cleaner spray, gloves, small animal pet bedding.
  6. What guinea pigs eat For food. Pellets are a source of vitamins. Hay helps to keep digestive system healthy and teeth trimmed. There are ages guinea pigs under6 months needs alfalfa hay and pellets because of more calcium. Guinea pigs over 6 months need timothy hay and pellet. Plus the veggie.
  7. Treats • Treats Are 5% of guinea pigs diet which is good for them. Vitamins are important too. It keeps them high in energy and healthy since guinea pigs can not produce there own vitamins C
  8. Sick or hurt • Guinea pigs sick or hurt must be taken to the animal hospital. Digestive, joint, immune, urinary and others
  9. Guinea Pig Cage set up and accessories • Guinea Pigs need a cage to live in so that you can find it easier instead of letting it live out side. The guinea pig will be Missing. Accessories are great of guinea pigs the toys you give keeps them busy.

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