Guinea Pig Wikia

Guinea pigs are great animals to have as pets; their social nature is outstanding.

They are known to always be in pairs if they are meant to survive for long and be at optimal conditions.

Having a Guinea pig as a pet is a long term commitment, and there are just so many details you need to watch out for.

You need to know every detail about a guinea pig, and one of such is knowing how they see and go about their vision.

Guinea pigs have their eyes located in their head, just like every other animal.

This means perfect symmetrical visual positioning enables the guinea pig to see a 340-degree range.

There is one fact worthy of note concerning is one fact worthy of note the eyes of the guinea pigs.

The eyes of the Cavies are known to have very sharp sensors and distant-traveling optical power.

These abilities enable them to quickly sight predators and determine their escape right before they are attacked.

However, this does not suggest that pigs have good eyesight compared to other animals.

The pig vision is not as good as that of some animals.

Moreover, their visualization enables them to perform just excellently well as other pets will do.

The claim of pigs being able to see or not, is not the contention, because they do.

It is only productive to check how they see, to enhance a better understanding of their reaction in case of any visual encounter.

Guinea pigs have preferences when it comes to visualization; they see and react to some couple of visual factors, these factors can be a significant determinant of what to include in the cute little pet’s habitat and what not to.

Guinea pigs tend to react to varying visual conditions like color, daytime, and nighttime, spotlights, sharp distance traveling light, and mild LED lights.