Guinea Pig Wikia


The Curly is a new, emerging breed. It has curly, short fur which is distant and abrasive. They have two swirls/rosettes on their haunches. Not much is known about this breed.

A Curly with cowlicks or rosettes is called a Curly Abyssinian.


The Curly can come in many colours and patterns. The only picture of it is a grey agouti with slight, faint silver marten rings around the eyes.

Health & Care

Curlies should be brushed with the fur's direction. They need a proper diet of healthy hay, veggies and fruits with enough vitamin C. They need their nails trimmed once a month and don't need to be bathed. They have a rough-type of fur. Other breeds with rough fur are the Teddy and Rex.


Curlies have the exact same show requirements that all other breeds do. They must be healthy and cannot be deaf or blind. They can't be overweight or underweight. They can't have random small colour markings and if they are fixed they will be disqualified.

Personality & Overview

Overall, the Curly is a relatively new breed with distant, abrasive curly shorthair and two swirls on the pigs' haunch. Some Curlies have rosettes and are called Curly Abyssinians.