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The Crested guinea pig( or furry potato) is a smooth, tight, short furred guinea pig breed with a crown/swirl (a crest) on top of it's head. It is basically an American/English/Shorthaired guinea pig with a tuft of hair on it's head.

If the crest if white, it is an American Crested, and if it doesn't have any other white markings, a White Crested. If it has has the same color as the rest of the body, it is an English Crested.

Though the satin isn't a seperate breed, it can also come in a satin variety.


Crested can be any color with any patterns, though they are usually one base colour (either the self or solid group) with a crest either the color of the rest of the body or white. Common Crested colours are self orange, brown and black and marked calico, dutch and tortoiseshells.

Health & Care

Crested guinea pigs can live anywhere from five to ten years, though the average is around six to eight. They are easy to take care of like the American and need to be brushed from their head down (in direction). They do not need to be bathed and need their nails trim every month.

They are one of the easiest breeds to take care of. As long as you give them proper housing (enough space for one pig or the herd), a proper diet with enough vitamin C and fresh water, they are pretty much good to go. You must spot-clean the cage every day and do a big clean, taking the pigs out for floortime or playtine, to change out the bedding and empty out the hay, once a week.


Crested guinea pigs have the same requirements as every other breed for showing. They should usually be self coloured for showing without any unusual markings and no white outside of the crest.

Personality & Overview

Crested guinea pigs are good for first-time owners. They are shy and docile, making them easy to train and handle. They will be timid at first and will have to get used to you before they interact. They are pretty easy to take care of when it comes to grooming because of their short pelt like the American guinea pig.