Guinea Pig Wikia

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Baldwin guinea pigs are born with a full coat of fur. Due to genetics, the hair falls out after two to five days after being born. They are completely hairless other than a little bit of fur on their snout and paws. They have many wrinkles and skin folds. They are one out of two breeds of hairless guinea pigs, the other being the Skinny (sometimes called a Werewolf). They were first bred in California in the United States of America.


Baldwins came from a genetic mutation in Carol Miller's showline of American crested golden agoutis. Their skin pigment has the same colouring as fur would be, for example magpie and dutch.

Health & Care

Since they are hairless, you have to be very careful when handling them. Their skin is sensitive to moisture and cold and can get easily scratched. Baldwins must be bathed every two to four weeks with warm water. Make sure nothing gets in their face, eyes or ears. Their skin creates oils so this is why they must be bathed.

Baldwin's cages and beds must be kept extra clean. In the colder months, you should put something in to keep them warm. Some people even knit little sweaters for their pigs.


These guinea pigs meet the same requirements as every other breed does. A healthy Baldwin's ribs and spine shouldn't be visible.

Personality & Overview

Baldwins are curious and friendly and like to be held and cuddled. They are easy to handle but a little more difficult to care for and very social. They are energetic and act like any other guinea pig.

Overall, this breed is born with hair that quickly falls out. The skin has the same pigmenting as the fur would. It needs special care because it is hairless. It has to be bathed and kept warm.