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The Angora guinea pig has long, smooth fur with eight to twelve cowlicks. Their fur can be up to eight centimetres (3.15 inches) in length. They appear to have bangs and look a lot like the Peruvian. The term Angora is common in Europe but not well known in the rest of the world. Angora guinea pigs have rosettes on its' back, haunches and front, in the same places as the Abyssinian's. Angoras have silky fur growing from their cheeks.

The Angora is a rarer breed and does not come in satin or ridgeback varieties. They can be distinguished from the Peruvian by the number of cowlicks they have. Angoras have more cowlicks on their backs than Peruvians.


Any eye/fur colours and patterns.

Health & Care

Angora guinea pigs are for experienced owners and need daily grooming with either a soft brush or plastic comb (never a metal comb, because this may hurt the cavy). Their long fur must always be brushed in the correct direction.

Angoras should not be kept outside because they may get wet and/or dirty. Debris can tangle their fur.

Angoras live four to six years. They are basically long-haired Abyssinians.


Yet again, I repeat the qualifications to show a guinea pig:

  • It cannot be spayed or neutered
  • It can't have random markings on it's fur
  • Claws and toes all have to be the same colour on one paw
  • It must be healthy and in good shape, and it cannot be overweight or underweight

Personality & Overview

Angoras are like long-haired Abyssinians with smooth fur and eight to twelve rosettes. They live four to six years and are not for first-time owners. This breed is more common in Europe than the rest of the world and can easily be confused with the Peruvian breeds.

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